Application and Fees


We are always happy to talk and provide more information to families interested in our daycare. A visit  can be arranged with an appointment. We aim to fill all the groups every year in August; however,  contact us if you are interested in joining during the school year. Sometimes changes may happen in the middle of the year, and there might be an available place, or you can always join the waiting list.

We accept waiting list applications on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in joining our groups, please contact the Daycare. (

As we have small groups, we recommend joining the waiting list as early as possible.

To apply for daycare placement, the family/guardian must complete our application form, including the desired starting date. The application and waiting list fee of 30€ covers application and handling costs. Kindly contact us before applying.


Happy Toddlers is a not-for-profit organization with reasonable fees. All fees collected are used towards the daycare operations to benefit the children.

The current daycare fee is 1090€ per month per childThe monthly fee is fixed for the 12 months of the year. KELA will support families with the fee. In addition, the City of Espoo pays a sibling supplement of 140€ per month to families with more than one child in childcare in Espoo. The current parents' association fee is 100€ per year.


Families can apply for both Kela and Espoo city subsidies. Depending on your family's situation, you might be entitled to "care-allowance/hoitoraha" and "care-supplement/hoitolisä" from Kela and "Espoo-lisä" from the city of Espoo. Below is a calculation of typical out-of-pocket fees for families (Please note that depending on your children's age and family situation, these fees may vary).

Espoo City monthly support is €510 for pre-school aged children; therefore, Kela subsidy is lower.


Families with more than one child in childcare or preschool in Espoo are entitled to sibling subsidy from the City of Espoo. Kindly note that Espoo City requests a new application for sibling subsidy every fiscal year. The sibling subsidy is allocated to the oldest child in daycare.


The membership fee is €100 per child/year. The due date for the fee is 31.8. each year. The membership fee is utilized for special activities e.g. field trips and excursions.

For more information about childcare fee support, please go to:

Private day care allowance (Kela) or

Amount and payment of private daycare allowance (Kela)

Private daycare allowances (City of Espoo)

1) Please contact us before applying

A Word version of the Application Form can be downloaded from this website (see link at the bottom of this column).

Please return to us by email ( along with a copy of the proof of payment of the €30 fee. 

The Support Association's Board is responsible for determining the child's acceptance into the daycare.

2) Criteria

The Support Association's Board uses the following criteria when considering applications for enrollment:

1. Sibling criteria 
Siblings have priority if they are: 3 years of age on entry, (1st August year of entry) toilet trained, fit the 7-8 max. children per group and gender balance.

2. Other applicants criteria
Applications are considered relative to: 3 years of age on entry (1st August year of entry), toilet trained, fit the 7-8 max. children per group, gender balance within the groups and application date.

3) Acceptance

After the acceptance of the child into Happy Toddlers daycare, the parents confirm their child's position by paying a one month deposit fee in advance.