Staff and Testimonials

At Happy Toddlers, our long-term staff are qualified Early Childhood Educators, experienced, and of international backgrounds.

Mrs. Luz Elena Castro-Lähteenmäki: Daycare director and 5-year-old group teacher

Mrs. Sanna Vaartio-Can: Pre-school/6-year-old group Teacher

Ms. Esther Ariza Morón: 3 - 4-year-old group Teacher

Ms. Brenda Limachi: Teacher's assistant

Ms. Alina Peshenko: Daycare assistant

"The HT staff is very dedicated to their work and they are working excellently for the children's benefit."

"In general the structure and a wide range of activities within HT are super good. The staff is very nice and professional. There is a nice family-like community around the daycare."

"Children learn both English and Finnish and have the option to continue in Finnish, bi-lingual or international schools. Our family appreciates this. Many Happy Toddlers alumni (older siblings) go to bi-lingual schools or international school."

"The staff is really good with the kids and create a warm atmosphere encouraging children to learn English."

"Our family really appreciates the fact that the daycare is not-for-profit. The kids enjoy nice facilities and lots of activities. The staff is professional and has been with the daycare for a long time." 

"Nice, new homelike premises and a lot of wonderful and creative toys to play with."

"In general the structure and a wide range of activities within HT are super good." 

"A caring environment"

"Comfortable, cosy and clean facilities suitable for a daycare."

From parents' feedback survey 2022