At Happy Toddlers we provide a pleasant environment and aim for our children to develop in all areas while also learning these abilities in a fun and stimulating setting using English. The children entering the daycare are not required to have English language skills. Our goal is to prepare the children to continue their education either at a Finnish, Bi-Lingual or English comprehensive school.

The areas for play are organized into small interaction spaces in which the children can happily explore and learn in small groups or independently. 

The three younger groups have age appropriate curricular activities, with the goal of preparing the children for future entrance into the Preschool group. We also offer preschool/esikoulu education for children entering the different primary schools: Finnish, Bilingual and English.

The staff uses 'monthly themes' to supplement the core curriculum. The development of the monthly theme is based on the children's viewpoint of life, topics of interest or daily experiences and provide endless possibilities to encourage diverse learning and promote curiosity.

We enjoy seasonal excursions such as ice-skating from October through March, shows at local children's theaters as well as regularly exercising at Moovkids and our 5-6 year olds study ukulele.

There are also annual visits to the zoo (whole school) and Linnanmäki (pre-school only).

7:45 Doors open. Free play while everyone arrives

8:15 Breakfast

9:15 Outside time

10:15 Morning circle

10:45 Age group lessons

11:50 Lunchtime

12:30 Quiet time

13:00 Age group lessons

13:45 Free play

14:15 Snack time

14:45 Story time

15:30 Outside time

17:00 Happy Toddlers closes for the day